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July Calendar

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July Calendar 2017

Iconic Photographs

The Windsor residents have an exciting project we are working on involving iconic photographs. Without revealing too much of the secret- we selected our iconic photos, made a prop list, and selected potential models today. To conclude today’s meeting I demonstrated how quickly and easily photos can be edited via snapchat. Check out the fun we had!


Craft Club

Today’s Craft Club made milkshake decorations for tomorrow’s Rock and Roll Sock Hop!!!

Shopping Event

Enrichment Federal Credit Union donated a large quantity of items for our residents at Windsor Gardens. We set all the items in our Activity Room so the residents could have a shopping frenzy! We had a blast and they got some great things. See the video on our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/windsorgardensassistedliving

Breaking Beans

Every year the residents participate in breaking green beans. We are able to sit around the table and share some good stories from the past while breaking fresh local greens beans to enjoy for our meals!

Kristina Patton Ballroom Dancing

Every other month Kristina Patton comes to Windsor to dance with our residents. They love the opportunity to perform one of their favorite hobbies from the past. See the video on our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/windsorgardensassistedliving

Adrian Ray- County Music

Country Singer Adrian Ray performed for the residents. We had a great time!

Cooking Club

For this week’s Cooking Club we made Nutella Cookie Rollups- absolutely delicious!

Click here for the recipe!


The Front Porch

Each week the Windsor residents play a game called Farkle. We keep track of the scores throughout the month and the top two winners are treated to a special lunch at the Front Porch. To top it all off- the sweet family that owns the restaurant volunteers to play Farkle with the residents.

Trinity Children’s Development Center

This past week Windsor Gardens got a special visit from TCDC. The kids put on a great performance and then visited with the residents!