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August Calendar

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August Calendar 2017

August Newsletter

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August Newsletter 2017

Fountain City Knox Rocks

Today we were gifted with a Knox Rocks rock hidden on our front porch!!! These rocks are hidden all over Knoxville. When you find one you are supposed to rehide it. ou can create your own rock too! We will be rehiding ours soon!!


Solar Eclipse Craft

Today we painted eclipses to commemorate the August 21st Solar Eclipse!

National S’mores Day!!!

Mighty Musical Monday at the Tennessee Theatre

We enjoyed this month’s Mighty Musical Monday at the Tennessee Theatre!

Memory Games

Today we played several memory games. We were given one word and had to create a sentence from that word. The word was “skip.” The residents created:

Let us skip down the lane to my lou tonight after supper and dance by the light of the silvery moon to ask my love to marry me.

I think we have some poets on our hands!


Farkle Winners Lunch

Every Tuesday the residents play the dice game Farkle. The top two winners are treated to a special lunch at the Front Porch. This month’s winners were Betty Wildman and Mildred Stooksbury!!! We even got to sit on the front porch to enjoy our lunch!


Craft Club

Today we made sunflower pens and flower pot pen holders in Craft Club!


July Birthday Party

We had a lovely time celebrating our July Birthdays- Leona, Bill, Saundra, and Chris! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!