What’s Up at Windsor

Welcome to our new monthly blog- What’s Up at Windsor. If we have not yet met, my name is Tara Wallace. I am the Life Enrichment Director at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living. Each month I will be writing about the care giving, activities, healthcare, senior adult life, and the happenings at Windsor Gardens.

At Windsor Gardens Assisted Living our top priority is serving others. Therefore, I am going to tailor this blog with that in mind. If you have any topics you would like to read about pertaining to senior care send them my way! I would love to research topics that you are interested in.

Here at Windsor we are like family. The residents, resident family members, and staff are a team working in community with one another. The residents are always visiting with one another and developing lifelong relationships. That is what makes Windsor Gardens so special- it is so much more than an assisted living facility. I have worked in other facilities in my career. I have seen helpful nurses, tentative CNAs, caring housekeepers, handy maintenance workers and fun and exciting activities directors. At Windsor, not only are the people in those positions top notch, but they have a family like quality that I have not seen before. I do not know what makes Windsor so different in this “family atmosphere” regard. Throughout the next several blog postings I will explore a different “Wow Factors of Windsor- What Makes Us Different.”

assisted living senior care new blog new monthly blog- What's Up at Windsor

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Wow Factor of Windsor- What Makes Us Different

It is hard to pinpoint one quality that creates the family atmosphere. Rather, it is a combination of so many factors. First and foremost, our fearless leader, Brian Bartley (owner and administrator) is here at Windsor Monday through Friday and stops by on the weekends. He makes himself so available to the residents as well as the staff. He knows each resident by name, knows their family and their life story. He takes time to know the residents and their needs on an individual level. He is kind and fair. That kind of leadership transfers to the staff members who follow by example. Brian built and opened the facility 18 years ago and has been right here ever since. That really says a lot!

assisted living senior care administrator new monthly blog- What's Up at Windsor

The residents bringing Brian a goodie bag to say how much how much we appreciate him!

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