This week has been Elvis week!

Today, the residents reminisced about their memories of the legendary music artist, Elvis Presley while admiring some colorful 1950s decorations. They especially got a kick out of being photographed with cool 1950s props! 🙂

20210812 151903 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!      20210812 152041 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!         20210812 151923 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!

20210812 152507 461x1024 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!

20210812 160757 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!

The residents told stories about visiting Graceland, TN and watched a virtual tour of Graceland during the Elvis party! The residents also listened to his classic songs, played fun trivia about Elvis and had some delicious snacks! In fact, since Elvis Presley loved bananas and peanut butter so much, we had homemade banana pudding and peanut butter cookies at the party to celebrate!

20210812 152301 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!20210812 152212 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!    20210812 152232 1024x461 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!

Long live the king of rock & roll!

20210812 152400 461x1024 - "Elvis has 'entered' the building!