Today, the residents celebrated the last few days of summer with a spectacular beach party! The residents LOVED their coconut cream pies and Hawaiian punch! Many of the residents also enjoyed playing fun trivia games about marine life and identifying cute, unique marine creatures on the TV. They all shared stories of their favorite beaches and beach vacations to everyone. To end the celebration, the residents laughed at funny videos of kids and ocean animals, and were also fascinated by the cool fact videos about the ocean.

20210831 155421beach poster cropped 663x1024 - Life's A Beach!  20210831 143140 1024x461 - Life's A Beach!

Oh, and also the Crafty Club prepared something extra special for the beach party today. The club created their own jellyfish friends! Except they don’t sting because they only have “string” tentacles! The Crafty Club really shone through on their crafts today! Don’t forget to “seas” the day! 🙂

20210831 140107 1024x461 - Life's A Beach!      20210831 140115 1024x461 - Life's A Beach!  20210831 140136 461x1024 - Life's A Beach!