“I Voted” Residents

A few of our residents representing their “I Voted” stickers. We take our civil duties seriously here at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living. We are so thankful that the voting commission allows us to vote right here in our lobby!!!

Resident Spotlight – Bob Johnson

Enjoy a fun Valentine’s Day Dinner at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living! Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad Brown Sugar & Garlic Sliced Flank Steak Orange Ginger Carrots Braised Broccolini Twice Baked Potatoes Red Velvet Cookie Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting...

Playing Jacks at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living

Do you remember the good ole’ fashion game, Jacks? We have brought it back to life with some variations. Some residents were able to use the traditional bouncy ball, while others tossed up a balloon. Either way, we had a blast!!! (Janet Nunn, Lou Tipton, Pat...

Thoughts on Life Enrichment: Part 1

Welcome! I am pleased you have chosen to read this short article and I hope you continue to join us each month as we discover and discuss topics of Life Enrichment surrounding the senior adult population. What is Life Enrichment? Life Enrichment is the process of...

Celebrating January Birthdays

  We love a good party at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living- Happy Birthday to our January Birthdays!!! Wesley Buyck, Martha Thomas, Karen Dyer, Ann Changas, Ann Weihpert, Claudia Ellison, Anna Wright

Rummy with Students at UT

We love our students here at Windsor Gardens!! Today Cindy Zhu, Senior Nursing student at the University of Tennessee, and Breanna Berry, Junior Social Work student at the University of Tennessee, played Rummy with the residents. We had a blast!!!

Meet Chef John!

Did you know we have a new chef at Windsor Gardens? Meet Chef John! He has already prepared countless tasty daily meals, delicious spreads for parties, and fantastic snacks. Come eat with your family member so you too can taste his flavorful...

Mighty Musical Monday

We love going to the Tennessee Theatre once a month for Mighty Musical Monday!! Today was a special treat. They accompanied vintage movies with the mighty wurlizter organ. It brought us back!!