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NALW Grand Finale Party!!!

A few more pictures from our NALW Party!!!

Picnic at Adair Park

Today we enjoyed a picnic at Adair Park!! Then we hid the rocks we painted yesterday in Craft Club for Fountain City Knox Rocks!! Community members have started a tradition of painting, hiding, and rehiding rocks and posting them to Facebook.


NALW- Dining Room Table Family Portraits

The Windsor residents enjoy three meals a day with their dining room tables. When you spend that much time with a group of people you become like family!!! Here are our family tables!!

Grand Finale Party for NALW

National Assisted Living Week is quickly approaching!

Windsor will be hosting several fun events for the residents

throughout the week. We will end the week with our Family is Forever Grand Finale Party to celebrate National Assisted Living Week and Grandparents day!!!

When: Thursday, September 14th at 6:00pm

Where: Windsor Gardens Assisted Living

What: Grand Finale Party celebrating National Assisted Living Week and Grandparents Day

RSVP: For the party and/or the talent show by September 8th at 865-688-4840 or by email at


We would love for the family to come out- including the grandkids!!

 There will be fun entertainment and refreshments!!

To go along with the “Grand Finale” theme we will be hosting a talent show including the residents and hopefully, a few kids and grandkids. If you, your kids, or grandkids have a talent you would like to share, a poem you would like to read, or a song you would like to sing please let me know. No reason to be nervous- at Windsor, we’re all family!!!

National Assisted Living Week Schedule


This week is National Assisted Living Week. This year’s theme is Family is Forever. Our first NALW activity was “Getting to Know You BINGO.” The residents got to know each other a little better by asking questions!

Trader Joes Flower Arranging

Trader Joes is so kind to donate flowers to Windsor Gardens for the residents to enjoy! Here, Windsor residents are pictured putting together some gorgeous arrangements!

First Pep Rally of the Season

Windsor Gardens Assisted Living celebrated its first UT Pep Rally of the season this past Friday. We ate orange and white goodies, won some prizes, made game day predictions and cheered our hearts out!! GO BIG ORANGE!

September Newsletter

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September Calendar

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