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What is Respite Care?

Respite care, or short term care, is a chance for someone to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. Most commonly respite care is taken by people who have had surgery or other medical treatment and need a place to recover. However, another use is when caregivers need to take a break from providing because they are sick, need to travel or other temporary reasons.

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What is included in Respite Care?

At Windsor Gardens, anyone who comes for respite care becomes a temporary member of our family. They gain full access to all the benefits and amenities that our other residents enjoy.

  • 24/7 Nursing Care
  • Three freshly prepared meals a day plus a snack
  • Enrichment activities: Farkle, Crafts, Wii, Church Services, and more
  • Laundry & Housekeeping
  • Therapy Spa
  • Other Amenities

What are the benefits of Respite Care?

Besides the previously mentioned benefits of respite care, there are several benefits that most people don’t consider.

1. Physical Health Improvement

This may seem like the point of respite care after surgery, but it goes beyond recovery from an operation. At Windsor Gardens, residents will receive three expertly prepared, healthy, meals. This well rounded and wholesome diet leads to improvement in physical health. Actually, many of our residents see a dramatic increase in health because they are no longer eating fast or frozen foods. They also don’t skip meals because they don’t feel strong enough to prepare it.

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2. Social Environment

Because respite care patients at Windsor Gardens are temporary residents, they are part of our community and all the enrichment activities that includes. Perhaps they want to join one of our many games hosted throughout the day with other residents. If they want some fresh air they can take a stroll through our garden paths with a new friend. Maybe they just want to sit and enjoy a conversation in the sunroom. All of these social engagement opportunities with new people help raise a person’s spirits. After all, laughter is the best medicine and there will be no shortage of that with our fun and engaging residents and staff.

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3. Professional Care & Safety

If you are a caregiver, then you understand the importance of personal and professional care. Our amazing nursing staff is awake and on duty 24/7. Your loved one is in the hands of trained medical staff and ones who have chosen a career in caring for others. You can see from our reviews that our staff are capable and genuinely care.

We also have practical security and safety features built into our design. The single-level design with our staff desk located at the center provides a clear line of sight through the building. In addition, our building and grounds are monitored by security cameras. As an additional peace of mind, we are located less than 3 minutes from a Knoxville emergency services response center.


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4. Intro to Assisted Living

If you or your loved one is considering assisted living, respite care is a good way to try it for a few weeks and see how you both adjust. Because Windsor Gardens gives you access to all the benefits and amenities of being a resident, this is an opportunity to see what becoming a full-time resident would be like.

To learn more about being a full-time resident or get additional information about respite care, please contact us.

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