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We Scream for Ice Cream

Today, a sweet sweet soul donated an ice cream social to Windsor Gardens Assisted Living!!! The residents and staff were able to order a delicious treat of their choice! We thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Untitled design 1 - We Scream for Ice Cream

Style Icon

It’s going to be a good day when you’re twinning with your style icon! In fact, she is not just a style icon of mine but of many. Nancy Stinnette modeled for Nancy Lynn Fashions, an old time favorite here in Knoxville, TN.

IMG 8437 e1566230929686 672x1024 - Style Icon IMG 8434 e1566230967414 768x1024 - Style Icon

BINGO at Larry Cox Senior Center

We had a great time today at the Larry Cox Senior Center! We had a potluck lunch, played BINGO and met a fabulous group of people!!! We can’t wait to go back.

IMG 8408 1024x768 - BINGO at Larry Cox Senior Center

Popsicles and Politicians

This week’s politician was Mr. Eddie Mannis! We have close ties to Mr. Mannis as several of our residents have taken the DC Trip for veterans through HonorAir AND his mother used to be a resident here at Windsor!!! The voting commission comes to Windsor Gardens on  August 14th so we are soaking in all the information we can!!


IMG 8379 1024x768 - Popsicles and Politicians

Morning Devotions

We are running out of seating room in our morning devotions- What an awesome problem to have!!IMG 8373 1024x768 - Morning Devotions IMG 8374 1024x768 - Morning Devotions

Something for Everyone!

Here at Windsor Gardens we have a resident who is deaf and speaks sign language. Several months ago a new resident moved in and was coincidentally seated at this resident’s table. It turns out that our new resident acted as an interpreter for several years!!! Now we have an interpreter at our events. In addition, the residents have been taking a sign language class so we can all learn to communicate.


IMG 8375 1024x768 - Something for Everyone!

Family Ties

Brother and Sister-in-law residents Front Porch Sittin’

IMG 8363 1024x768 - Family Ties

Mighty Musical Monday at the Tennessee Theatre

We love going to the Tennessee Theatre for Mighty Musical Monday! This month’s show was especially entertaining: K-Town Sound’s barbershop style music is enough to make you want to get up and sing along with them!


IMG 8358 1024x768 - Mighty Musical Monday at the Tennessee Theatre IMG 8360 1024x768 - Mighty Musical Monday at the Tennessee Theatre

HABIT Visits

The HABIT (Human Animal Bond in Tennessee) is such an asset to Windsor Gardens. The resident’s days are a litter brighter on Tuesdays and Thursdays when our sweet dogs and their loving parents visit us! Thank you, thank you!!!!

This is volunteer Inddy and her mom Kim:

IMG 8330 1024x968 - HABIT Visits IMG 8335 e1564676045599 768x1024 - HABIT Visits

Mayoral Candidate Marshall Stair

Over the next few weeks political candidates will be speaking to the residents of Windsor Gardens in honor of our upcoming election. The election commission is so wonderful to come to the facility to allow the residents an opportunity to vote. We love that we can meet our candidates and make informed decisions!! IMG 8326 1024x768 - Mayoral Candidate Marshall Stair



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