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Assisted Living: July 4th Party!

We hope you all have a wonderful July 4th weekend! The residents have had an amazing time celebrating the upcoming holiday. Happy 4th!

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Assisted Living: June Birthday Fun

Wish a happy birthday to all our June residents! Cake, good fun, and great company always equals a good celebration!

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Assisted Living: Memorial Day BINGO

The residents have been celebrating the upcoming Memorial Day holiday with a great game of BINGO. We hope you have great family plans ahead!

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Assisted Living: Italy Culture Event

Today, the residents at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living celebrated and learned more about the different cultures/ traditions of Italy. After today, the residents will now be able to enjoy learning about a different country’s traditions once or twice each month. Our first culture event today was Italy and we all had a great time with red and white sparkling water, pastries, and a game of Bocce Ball. A great Italian time indeed!

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Assisted Living: Mother’s Day 2022

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Windsor Gardens! There was plenty of tea and cookies to spare with great company. We hope these lovely ladies all had the best day!

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Assisted Living: Maraca Time!

Today, the residents are preparing for the Cinco de Mayo party by making their own maracas! A good day is ahead!

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Assisted Living: Church Choir Visit

Today, some of the residents at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living visited Wallace Memorial Baptist Church to attend the annual Tune Share performance from other church choirs. Everyone enjoyed the lovely music and hospitality. We hope you’re having a great Tuesday afternoon!

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