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We have upped our Domino game and are now learning to play Triominos. The two games are very similar but Triomino pieces are three sided, making for more of a challenge. We love challenging ourselves!!!IMG 7954 - Gaming

Coke Floats

This week in Cooking Club we made Coke Floats- oh so simple, but terribly DELICIOUS!!!

IMG 7955 - Coke Floats

Lunch Bunch: Asian River

We thoroughly enjoyed our Lunch Bunch at Asian River today! If you have not been yet, we highly recommend it! It is owned by the sweetest family and the food is delicious!


6714 Central Ave Pike Ste B,
Knoxville, TN, 37912


IMG 7957 1 - Lunch Bunch: Asian River

Father’s Day Meal

We knew from that menu that our Father’s Day meal would be delicious- and boy were we right!!!

Resized 20190616 1205001 498x1024 - Father's Day Meal

Father’s Day Cookout

Today we celebrated our special father’s with a good old fashioned backyard cookout. We ate hot dogs off the grilled, baked beans, potato salad, and chips. We had soda pop and popsicles because we have the best pops in town!!!!

On Sunday we shall celebrate again!!!IMG 7917 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7918 e1560531019493 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7919 e1560531038112 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7920 e1560531029769 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7921 e1560531048575 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7924 e1560531056140 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7925 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7926 e1560531112939 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7927 e1560531066927 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7928 e1560531075709 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7929 e1560531091363 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7930 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7931 e1560531125377 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7932 e1560531136784 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7933 e1560531149515 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7935 - Father's Day Cookout IMG 7936 e1560531158718 - Father's Day Cookout

Outdoor Dominoes and Back Porch Sittin’

Don’t you love when the weather is so nice you simply must be in it?! We thoroughly enjoyed sitting in our backyard and playing dominoes this week- and we had special visitors Kim and Habit dog Josie!!!IMG 7874 1 - Outdoor Dominoes and Back Porch Sittin'

Adair Picnic

Today was the first time in three years that the rain kept us from our monthly Adair Picnic Outing. What did we do? Improvised- Pizza Party inside. The food was just as good and the company was fantastic!


IMG 7880 - Adair Picnic IMG 7882 - Adair Picnic IMG 7884 1 - Adair Picnic IMG 7885 1 - Adair Picnic IMG 7887 1 - Adair Picnic

Father’s Day Menu

We are looking forward to a delicious Father’s Day Menu prepared by Chef Rob!!!

Screenshot 57 - Father's Day Menu


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