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Cooking Club: Monkey Pull-A-Part Bread

In today’s Cooking Club we made Monkey Pull-A-Part Bread! It was simple to make and super delicious.

Needs: Crescent Rolls, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Cinnamon Sugar

Pull apart two triangles of dough and pile them in a cupcake liner, pour a tablespoon or two of sweetened condensed milk on top, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, bake at 350 for 10 minutes. We dipped ours in the remaining condensed milk. TASTY!!!

IMG 0132 e1573167347495 768x1024 - Cooking Club: Monkey Pull-A-Part Bread IMG 0134 1024x768 - Cooking Club: Monkey Pull-A-Part Bread

Halloween Party

The Windsor residents know how to party!!!! We played Wrap the Mummy and had a ball!!!

IMG 0066 e1572023618934 - Halloween Party

Happy Halloween!!!

It is Halloween Week!!! Check back each day until Halloween to see awesome costumes!!!!

IMG 0030 e1572023259250 - Happy Halloween!!! IMG 0031 e1572023271639 - Happy Halloween!!! IMG 0032 e1572023284620 - Happy Halloween!!! IMG 0033 e1572023297211 - Happy Halloween!!! IMG 0034 e1572023320971 - Happy Halloween!!!

Go Vols!!!

We had the privilege of hosting Smokey at our weekly Pep Rally!!!! GO VOLS!!!!

See more pictures here !!!

IMG 7321 1024x575 - Go Vols!!!

Bridge Club

Check out this group of intelligent ladies playing Bridge!! This group is a mixture of residents and guests. We love hosting groups here at Windsor Gardens. Come by and play sometime if you would like!!!

IMG 8799 1024x768 - Bridge Club

Just because…

Ernie was looking extra beautiful today. So she needed her picture taken!

IMG 8684 e1569445670375 768x1024 - Just because...