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Happy Birthday to our August Residents!

We all celebrated the August birthdays by eating some delicious cake and cherry punch! We sang songs, told stories, and had great laughs! After the cake and punch, we watched funny birthday videos on YouTube. Wish these lovely people a happy birthday!

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“Come Fly With Me!”

The Craft Club really enjoyed making their own little popsicle and wooden clothespin airplanes today! They were all ready for their mini planes to take flight with flying colors! The Crafty Club truly enjoyed creating their little flighty friends! 🙂

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Cookies, Creamsicles & Cornhole… Oh, My!

Today, the residents celebrated National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and National Creamsicle Day with a party! There were plenty of orange creamsicles and cookies to spare for everyone. Certainly a cool, refreshing treat on such a hot, summer day!

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The residents also enjoyed a fun game of Cornhole! Many got very lucky by scoring a lot of points, so therefore…three cheers for Windsor Gardens!


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Octopus Adventures… featuring the Crafty Club!

Today, the Craft Club made their own octopus friends! The residents really enjoyed creating such awesome sea animals! All we know is, these octopus friends will come in very “handy!” because they have so many arms! Aren’t they adorable?!

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“Elvis has ‘entered’ the building!

This week has been Elvis week!

Today, the residents reminisced about their memories of the legendary music artist, Elvis Presley while admiring some colorful 1950s decorations. They especially got a kick out of being photographed with cool 1950s props! 🙂

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The residents told stories about visiting Graceland, TN and watched a virtual tour of Graceland during the Elvis party! The residents also listened to his classic songs, played fun trivia about Elvis and had some delicious snacks! In fact, since Elvis Presley loved bananas and peanut butter so much, we had homemade banana pudding and peanut butter cookies at the party to celebrate!

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Long live the king of rock & roll!

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The Crafty Club Strikes Again… except this time, by the seashore!!

Today, the Craft Club put their crafty skills to the test when they made their very own lighthouses! Using only plastic cups, black and white paper, tape, and a small electronic candle, it came to life! These lighthouses belong out on the sea for all to see! Aren’t they cool?! 🙂

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Smell the Roses??

Today, Random Acts of Flowers came by today and dropped off a TON of flowers for all of the residents… with some still left to spare and of course admire! Thank you so much to Random Acts of Flowers in Knoxville for bringing so much beauty, brightness, and joy to the residents! They LOVE their flowers!


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Book Lover’s Day!

This one is for all the bookworms out there! Happy National Book Lover’s Day! Today, the Book Club met up to continue reading Louisa May Alcott’s classic: Little Women. This book is really bringing back many memories for the Book Club members. What are your favorite books to read?

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What book should the Windsor Gardens Book Club read next? We will take any and all ideas!

Olympics Party! Time to Celebrate!

Today, the residents enjoyed a party celebrating not only their Olympic medals and activities from Windsor Gardens, but they also cheered on team USA in Tokyo. Even though both Olympic events (Tokyo & Windsor Gardens) have come to an end, it was a fun and high- spirited time! The food was colorful and classically themed. Different colored cupcakes formed the Olympic rings, golden Oreos & fruit roll-ups became gold medals, and vanilla ice cream cones with peaches and strawberries became Olympic torches! Plenty of Olympic themed food to go around!

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The residents showed off all the medals they won; and there were even some residents that won grand prizes for having the most gold, silver, and bronze medals! Congratulations to everyone for a job well done!!! Windsor Gardens are Olympic champions forever!

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OLYMPIC WEEK: Week 2:”Bowling”

Our last Olympic activity was this morning and everyone had a great time competing! The last gold, silver, and bronze medals got handed out to the winners at the end of the competition. Don’t forget to check out our posts on ALL social media for pictures and videos of the Olympic Party later today! GO Windsor Gardens!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our “Bowling” winners!

SILVER                                           GOLD                                            BRONZE

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