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VA Assisted Living for Knoxville & Powell Veterans

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VA Benefits for Veterans & Widows in Powell & Knoxville

Aid and Attendance is a benefit available to veterans, their spouses, widows, or widowers. This benefit is available to help offset some of the cost of nursing homes, assisted living communities, and personal expenses.

Monthly Benefits

The monthly benefit is as follows, in most cases, the maximum amount is the actual benefit amount.


Veteran Status Monthly Benefit Annual Benefit
Surviving Spouse $1,244 $14,928
Single Veteran $1,936 $23,232
Married Veteran $2,295 $27,540
Two Vets Married $3,071 $36,852


Benefits are paid directly to the veteran or spouse, NOT to their residential community. Payments are retroactive to the date of application. PAYMENTS ARE TAX-FREE.


1.) Veterans must have served at least 90 days of active duty, with one of those days during wartime. The eligible dates for wartime include:


WWI 5/9/1916 – 11/11/1918
WWII 12/7/1941 – 12/31/1946
Korea 6/27/1950 – 1/31/1955
Vietnam 2/28/1961 – 5/7/1975
Gulf/Iraq 8/2/1990 – Present


1.) The veteran must have received an honorable discharge. They need to provide a copy of the discharge papers with the application.
2.) Must be permanently disabled or 65 years old or older. The disability does not have to be from a war injury.
3.) The spouse must not have divorced the veteran, however, if the veteran dies and the widow remarries, there are some situations where they would still qualify.
4.) Must need some assistance with 2 ADL’s – i.e. meal prep, transportation, medication reminders, etc. plus have a physician.

The VA will look at overall assets of the applicant. However, assets not included are the applicant’s home, small life insurance policies, prepaid funeral expenses and annuities in payout status.

It is taking 4-6 months to be approved and the first check is retroactive to application date.

Improperly prepared applications can be a cause of disqualification of benefits.

Laws prohibit charging a fee for preparation of claims through the VA.

For additional information regarding VA Benefit, please click on the link below.